Grant Application Review Service

Affordable insight

An experienced, independent pair of eyes on your work is a great, fast way to improve your bid’s chance of success.

I’ve provided written reviews for over 200 grant applications, and have a thorough, practical, how-to-improve framework that can provide swift guidance tailored to your experience level.

How does it work?

  1. Send me your application draft
  2. Within 24 hours I’ll review your documents and the fund guidance, confirm your review and issue your invoice
  3. Within 4 working days you’ll receive a 2 page written review of your application, including:
    • Your top 3 priority recommendations to improve the bids chance of success. A rationale of why it’s important and suggestions of how to improve
    • Application review. Specific question related feedback. Guidance and recommendations where your application can be improved or where you need to make a change to meet the criteria

How much does it cost?

£90 per review

How do I find out more?

Leave your details here and I will get back to you with instructions of how to submit your application draft and get your review booked in.