Co-writing Service

Define it. Refine it. Get it over the line.

You’re closest to your project or idea. There’s no-one better placed to get across the urgency and excitement of what you are doing.

Outsourcing bid writing can be costly. It takes time to understand what you are all about. The cost-benefit of working with a bid writer goes down over time, but can start pretty high.

That’s where the Hush co-writing service comes in. More affordable than full bid writing and more efficient. You get support to focus you on the important bit: deciding what you’re going to do and why that matters.

It allows me to get to know your organisation, build our relationship, while and putting my experience to work helping you make the key decisions to build and strengthen your bid.

It’s Support for your application from start to submission. You can ask for help whenever you need it, and I’ll share advice and ideas to make your project better. I’ve worked on hundreds of projects before, so know how to quickly adapt your ideas to what the funders are looking for.

How it works:

  1. 60 minute initial scoping call. A guided session to work through your idea, what the specifics are and why it should get funded. We’ll work through the fund criteria to identify any challenging areas and plan out your first draft.
  2. From this, you’ll get a one-sheet overview summarising your case for support from which to build your applications. It will
    • Get across what you are planning and why in an easy to digest way for potential funders, partners, or others you want to bring on board.
    • be a reference document from which to efficiently write consistent and confident application answers
  3. An action plan so you have a clear list of everything you need that you need to work on to be ready for your bid. Enabling you to pin down the specifics you’ll need to bring the idea alive. A tool to help you make decisions and break down what you need to line up to make the best case possible.
  4. Ongoing email and whatsapp access to Sam for advice on drafting the bid. Including input into your work such as bullet lists and sentence starters suggestions to help you get an answer going, model answer ideas and more.
  5. 2 x written full application reviews with feedback on all answers and improvement guidance.

How much does it cost?

£390 for grants applications up to £39,999

£630 for grant applications from £40,000 to £120,000

If you want a 3rd or more reviews, these can be arranged for £60 each.

For grants larger than £120,000, book a call and we can discuss a quote.

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Co-Writing Service